Why Bricks and Mortar Must Evolve

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The technologies that support online stores have improved rapidly in recent years to provide personalized, rich, and curated retail experiences for consumers. Through their online stores retailers can inspire consumers with personalized search results, information, offers, and related products through a low-friction experience. However, the same cannot be said for "brick and mortar" stores and IDC Retail Insights research indicates that retailers have yet to meet this challenge in a cohesive manner that provides both value to the customer and the retailer equally.

40% of consumers said unsuitable products and slow checkout experiences were identified as two main reasons for not visiting stores more often, with each cited by almost 40% of consumers.

To this end the next business differentiating "retail battleground" is enabling the physical store to provide consumers with the same personalized customer experience, at scale, as online stores by using mobility technologies to unify customer touchpoints and provide one-on-one interactions.