Why Actually Empower Sales Assistants

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IDC Retail Insights research shows that sales assistants are still the main source of information for consumers when in a physical store, though just providing mobile devices for sales assistants to search a retailer's online store falls a long way short of the business opportunity presented. A consumer in a physical store engages with a sales assistant for information that is not readily available to them and often loses interest in a purchase if a sales assistant cannot help.

47% expect a digitally enabled sales assistant to provide them with product availability for the current store 32% expect a digitally enabled sales assistant to provide additional information and demonstra-tions

By empowering sales assistants retailers have the opportunity to increase consumer purchase conversion and gain an invaluable new source of data to provide a perspective on store and customer dynamics in support of merchandisers. Also, retailers must engage and incentivize sales assistants to encourage the use of such technologies to be seen to be supporting them and not reducing their value.